Geospatial Survey

We are fully serviced surveying and mapping firm with a portfolio that includes land surveying, Engineering surveying, Geodetic & GPS Surveying, aerial photography, and GIS and mapping services. Based in Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia. Treavic is dedicated to providing high quality services in Africa. We provide a unique blend of local and regional experience in Engineering surveys and Land information services. Our professional team will offer the client an innovative approach to all aspects of assignments given including continuous support using regionally and locally available resources. We are dedicated to our clients with accurate surveys and plats that are produced in a timely manner, giving our clients the quality they expect from us.  We want our clients to recognize our value; so we take the time to educate them in surveying terminology and methods. We’ve filled our circle with a group of highly-trained professionals, ready to answer any questions the client may have.

We provide surveys across Africa and our focused business plan and small size allows us to maintain the highest quality standards and stay on the cutting edge of surveying technology. We use the latest equipment, including Total Stations, Data Collectors, GPS Receivers and Robotic Stations. And, our full staff of CAD technicians has a variety of print and digital capabilities. We know that surveying still requires tasks like detailed footwork of uncovering boundary monuments, determining building and property heights, understanding the topography of the land among many other items. Because we are experienced, we’ll ask the right questions in order to provide you with the value you expect. The following are some of the survey services we offer to our client;

  1. Land Development Surveys

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial

  • Land Division

  • Major Subdivision

  • Community Title and Apartments

  • Project Management

  • Land Tenure and expert advice on boundary related matters

2.Infrastructure Surveys (Topo and Utility Surveys)

  • Topographic Surveys to facilitate the design process

  • Surveys for Civil and Structural Construction

  • Construction Monitoring and preparation of As-Constructed documentation

  • Preparation of Asset Databases

  • Power line / Pipeline Route Surveys

3.Licensed Surveyors

  • Expert advice on land boundaries and land tenure

  • Identification surveys (remarking boundaries)

  • Due Diligence Surveys

  • Roads opening and closing

  • Easement surveys

  • PCA lease surveys