Hydrological Services

We are a team of experts in water who understand the responsibility we have to society and we are seeking sustainable, innovative environmental solutions to urgent water problems. Our clients include environmental agencies, ministries, provinces, water boards, municipalities. We have the vision that water problems of our living environments resulting from climate change and urbanisation can be solved primarily by big-data analytics. It is our mission to provide water stakeholders with smart water-management solutions based on secure and reliable information, quality-assured water-simulation models, focussed ICT tools and in-depth water knowledge. We are a highly specialized company providing hydroinformatics services: solutions to assess, to analyse and to control water problems. 

1. Hydrological Services

  • Enhancing water safety through flood modelling, operational simulation and probabilistic water-system performance analysis

  • Water-availability analysis and balanced distribution of fresh water and salt-intrusion prevention in rivers and rural water systems.

  • Efficient water management support through high-quality historic, actual and forecasted precipitation information.

  • Water information for agriculture from all possible sources and at all spatial scales: satellite, radar, telemetry, local monitoring and citizen observations.

  • Water-problem solving through data modelling, physically-based modelling and measure analysis at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

  • Climate-adaptation analysis for the urban environment using integrated 3D simulation of floods and drought indices.

  • Supporting smart water management, providing water-system knowledge and using our own ICT platforms, detailed data and information sources.